Saturday, February 14, 2009

and the week ends..

It's been a long week
I have to admit
I am a bit stressed
I didn't have much time for myself
I hope today I can change that
Our small towns little winter and ice festival started last night
I did take some time and go watch them start carving them early yesterday
drove through town last night after running to the store for mom and dad
not many where out yet ..
the ice sculptures where not completed
seemed so odd ...
winter and ice fest and no snow on the ground ???
just a whole lot of water ..flooding everywhere
belle river went over its banks and flooded the road
I wanted to stop and take pictures
but traffic was to busy to be safe
So I wake this morning early
I am going to walk this morning
snapping pictures of ice fest like I did last year..

When I take my first peak out the window
while I am sick of winter
I am very tickled that it snowed today
just to make the walk through town ..
viewing the ice sculptures more fun
It's just a dusting really enough to turn everything white
makes it a perfect setting for today's events
I invited one of my oldest friends to join me for my walk
we shall see if they can make it
after a week of running
for D's grandma
my grandpa
and my mom and dad
I am ready and so happy in this moment to go enjoy something as simple as..
a walk with an old friend
catching up on each others lives
seeing all the ice sculptures
snapping a few pictures on the way
I'll share them here later!
It's the simple things that replenish my spirit
and help me through another challenging week ahead.

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