Saturday, February 28, 2009

the weekend is here

I spent the better of the day with grandma D
I took her to the hair salon where she got an updated do
little different then her normal do
a bit of a younger more hip style
she said are you sure when we talked it over with the stylist
I said Yes do it ! it turned out great
she really liked it
took a few years of her looks
it was the first time since she moved here
that she seemed really happy
I dragged a friend of mine along with us today
she's a lady who helped take care of my other grandma
before she passed away
we have remained friends
I thought her and grams would hit it off
Grams don't know many people here
so I plan on introducing her to a few older friends of mine
Maybe she will find a friend in them too
Anyway we all went to lunch after
sat around drinking coffee and talking for a while
I found myself listening to them chatter away
while watching the sudden snow fall from the window
After lunch we dropped grandma D off at her house
after making sure she was in safe
I dropped my friend off and I went home
the laundry that I started the day before still sit on the couch
normally I would roll my eyes and sigh

but seeing the two dogs sleeping
on other side of the pile with their head resting on the clean clothes
kinda made me chuckle

I spent the rest of the day
moving from room to room
organizing everything that needed it
finished up the laundry and started doing the night before dinner dishes.

Couldn't find anything to watch on TV Friday evening
ended up watching that 70's show marathon lol
Kitty just cracks me up!
I want to live in Kitty's world lol

I fell asleep shortly after the episode
when kitty thinks shes pregnant
but actually going through menopause lol
let's just say she didn't handle the "change" well lol
I myself look forward to it lol

It's Saturday...
Woke this morning to early (7 am)
what's wrong with me? lol
I used to be a night owl ..not a morning person
now I find myself asleep by 11 pm
I guess the days of sleeping in are over
even without disruption I can't sleep past 8 am
but it seems..
that is when I can find the time and words to blog
so maybe it's good thing
or maybe I am just getting old lol

Looking out the bedroom window
everything is once again covered in a blanket of white
wonder what will be in store for me today

the weekend is here ..
have a Great one!

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