Wednesday, February 25, 2009

here and there

yesterday was crazy busy
up to early because of the construction
nobody can sleep through this shit
today it even started earlier 7:30 am
if I lived in a nice subdivision in a 200 k house
would I have this construction waking me up every morning at 7:30 am??
would they dump snow behind our houses most the winter
starting at 3 am?
I think not
anyway rant over ..
I am awake and not a damn thing I can do about the city's construction.
Yesterday I took D's grandma to the doctors
the waiting room was packed with a bunch of people
sniffling and sneezing ..coughing coming from every corner of the room
I sat not touching anything
using my germ-x I carry in my purse at all times
I can catch a cold from a mile away
and if I get sick ..then who is gona do all the things I do
I also take the chance of getting my dad sick
and he just can't recover from even a common cold that easy
after an hour in the waiting room
we are lead back to a small exam room
and we wait ...another 20 minutes before seeing the doctor
after talking with grams a bit
her doctor leaves the room to go find her test results
from the hospital stay 2 weeks ago
I was thinking to myself
this appointment is over a week old ..
they knew all day what patients where on the books
you would think they would be better prepared
the doctor left the room 3 times search
2 hours and 45 minutes later we finally
leave the exam room and go to another room
to get a referral to another doctor
we deal with her mess of an office
patient charts all over the place
reference books all over ..
no real system in place
we find out grams chart from her old doctors
have not come in yet
then after looking into it
the nurse realizes that the fax was never sent but charted
we finally finish with that
I am looking at the time
I have to take Dad to doctors at 2
its now 12:30
as we go to leave
grandma said something about a script she needed
to her doctor 3 times during her appointment
she must have forgot to write it or give it to us anyway
we ask about it as we are leaving
the nurse looks puzzled and says well can I call it in?
grams says it goes through the mail to my drug company
the nurse looks at us with a blank stare
the doctor has left for lunch she finally says
so I offer to come back a few hours later to pick it up
We finally leave the doctors office at 1 pm
our appointment was scheduled at 10 am
I am not happy with her doctors
or the results of all these tests
in my opinion
they are clueless to whats going on with her
it's even possible they think she is faking it
always focusing on her anxiety
at every visit
I have seen these "spells" as they call them
she is not faking them
something is wrong
but because the tests they run are not showing anything
so they doubt her symptoms
I explained to grandma D
that they have pieces of a puzzle with every test
but they dont have all the pieces yet
maybe its time to see a different doctor
a neroligest and a cardio doc
maybe working together to figure this out
so today I am gona call my dads cardio doctor
see if he takes her insurance and has access to the hospital she wants
anyway I stop off on our way back to her apartment
for a sandwich for her to take home for lunch
I drop her off
get her into the house and settled
and off to my dads ..
no time to run home for a bit
in between like I had hoped
pick dad up
clean up his walk way so it's safe for him to walk out
and we are off to his foot doctor
I love the foot doctors
its easy ..I don't have to go in
but I do to talk to kerry
she is an old friend
that works there
we gab while dad sees his doctor
she lets me in on her secret
she is gona be a grandmother
she is so happy ..
and I am so happy for her
Dads appointment went way faster
we where done 30 minutes later
and he wanted to stop and have some lunch
I am tired
and want to go home
but I am not that tired
spending time with dad is always more important
then what sometimes I selfishly rather be doing
so we stop and have lunch
we chat about everyday things
he has a thing about talking about the past
he always has
but as he gets older
it's sometimes the whole convo
he brings up my ex
he brings up his relationship with his mom and dad a lot
I follow along and try to focus more on whats going on now
Maybe talking about these things
helps him work through it all
and if that is what is happening
then I will be more then happy to be his sounding board
my dad is so different today
then he was even 5 years ago
our relationship is different
and I do cherish it so much
we talk about everything
I used to be scared of my dad
to really talk to him
because he always wanted to give you his advice and YOU do it
never just willing to listen
and not judge
but that in him has changed as he's aged and faced illness
don't get me wrong
he still wants to fix it lol he's my dad!
but he wants to know what he can do to help now
not rush to judge
having faith in me
and thats great progress
I guess the last 7 years of our journey
has shown him that he should have faith in me
anyway we talked and had a nice lunch
grabbing mom a lunch too in a to-go
We stop off at the doctors and riteaid
grab grams script ..
make dad an appointment to see his doctor today
we have a problem with a script for him
it's best we double check with his doctor
so later today I will be running back to the doctors
just a typical week for me! lol
So back to yesterday
I dropped dad off ...ran to grams
dropped of her script to send to her drug company
sat and talked to her as she vented how trapped she feels
not being able to drive
I offered to pick her up Friday
and take her to the hair salon
maybe shopping and lunch if she is up to it
she light up with happiness
glad I could help her feel less trapped
hopefully all those germs flying around the doctors office didn't infect us lol
I swear I could feel the sickness in the air lol

I finally made it home at 6:30 pm
watched tv after a long hot bath
watched the bachelor and the housewives
nothing much else on and
secretly I like both shows lol
but don't tell anyone!! lol
was asleep by 10:30- 11 pm
no dreams ..
think I was just to tired
I slept like a rock ..
must have needed it ...

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