Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I didn't get online at all yesterday ..I got up at 8 am got dressed and ready to take daves grandma to the doctors for her test results ..she has been passing out (just for a few seconds) but its happening more and more frequent and so they ran a bunch of tests (mostly heart related)
all tests came back fine ..(which makes no sense)
so after 2 hours at the doctors we left to go pick up her scripts at the drug store
we walked in the door of our local rite aid got 10 feet into the store when grams said oh oh oh no and passed out ..
I grabbed her into like a bear hug and brought her down to the floor as best I could ..people just kept walking by us as I check her pulse and made sure she was breathing ..she was making a horrid sound and I couldn't get her to come too..her eyes where rolled back into her head
..I yelled at the lady at the counter to call 911 ..she did and the pharmacy lady came out to help me ..grandma came too about 4 minutes later
I sent her off in an ambulance to the hospital .. something is very wrong
only time I have ever heard this sound she made was when I worked at the nursing home and a man who I took care of had grand mal seizure .. yet grams had no muscle contractions, like he did when he would seize.
Anyway today they are doing a bunch of tests..so we shall see.

I had a hard time sleeping last night ..that sound in my head ..it was really horrible sound ..
I told the doctors about the sound ..its hard to describe but its just horrible
they had been testing for a heart problem but I think they need to look at her brain and see if this is seizure activity ..something is so not right ..I don't care what the tests say..they must be testing the wrong things then
Grams was alert by the time the ambulance left the scene ..I was answering all their questions best I could
Then the manager of rite aid came out and needed me to fill out some forms (apparently so I don't sue them for her fall ..made me write out everything that happen releasing them from any responsibility....As if that was on my mind ..geesh
today I am staying around home unless I get a call from the hospital

(I need a mental break)
Her daughters are there with her today

Tomorrow have to take my mom to the doctors and my dad wants to go see gramps so I am gona drop dad off with Gramps and take mom to docs at same time ..it will kill to birds with one stone and hopefully I can get home without any problems like yesterday ..so thats been my week ..so far

geesh its only tuesday

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