Thursday, February 26, 2009

morning to myself

It was nice to wake up on my own this morning
no construction
no alarm clocks
Dads doctor appointment went well yesterday
we stopped off at the grocery store after
ran into an old friend Sherri
we chatted for a while
Sherri is a sweet lady
she herself is a caretaker of her elderly mother
when we first met
a couple years ago
she was taking care of both her mom and dad
we became close
right before her dad passed away
after a long illness
it was nice to catch up with her life
she works full time
and takes care of her mom
she is lucky she has family that helps her
I met her mother a few times
at work
Sherri and I worked together a few years ago
her mom would come in with Sherri's son
for lunch
Sherri and I have a wonderful bond
makes for a great support system
talking to someone who understands the hardships
I sure missed seeing her
we just been both so busy with life
I am glad I ran into her
I see it as a sign to reconnect with her
we exchanged updated numbers and email addys
promising to get together soon for coffee
I think I will call her next week
anyway ..
I feel kinda funny today
hope I am not coming down with something
God knows with all these doctors visits
I am bound to pick up something lol
But I am NOT going to get sick
I refuse to get sick !!

Today I have a ton of things to do around here
my never ending battle with laundry
gosh I hate to do laundry
but it's better then doing dishes lol
I have to get mom and dads taxes done
but I think I will save that wonderfully delightful job
for another day Haha!
there not hard just time consuming
there is always something
insurance paperwork
medicaid and medicare paper work
rather do them taxes! lol

I want to update you on grandpa
but really nothing to say
it's not good
he is losing weight
has no appetite
still on pureed foods
can't exactly blame him for not wanting to eat that
looks kinda gross to me too
but he just can't swallow anything else
did I tell you he has a lady friend?
well he does and she is one possessive lady!
she demands we and the nursing staff always seat him next to her
and she will not stop asking till we do
so now we visit gramps along with his lady friend lol
they hold hands
its sweet
my grandmother would kill me lol
she always said gramps was a ladies man
I always laughed
guess she was right! lol
The staff has not brought up a feeding tube again
I try not to think about it
pushing it out of my mind
not because I don't hate this or don't care
because it's what he wanted
long before his dementia got so bad.
it's harder then I can put into words
if you have been in the position ..
you understand
But I feel so torn at times
did when I called hospice for grams too
I don't know anyone in this position that don't feel torn
I pray and have faith
dealing with what comes ..when it comes
not thinking to far ahead
taking it day by day

anyway time to get started on my day
this laundry will not wash it's self ! lol

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