Monday, March 9, 2009

my monday morning

Every morning I wake up early these days
I thought with the time change ..
I would be sleeping in a bit more
hahahah I guess I thought wrong!
at 7:15 am ...
I am wide awake looking at the ceiling
willing myself to just fall back to sleep
I lay there for 10 minutes
the morning light coming through the opening of the bedroom curtains
I reach up and close the curtains tight
I close my eyes and try to fall back to sleep
I roll over to my "falling asleep" position
nothing worked
I laid there for another 10 minutes
and gave up and turned on the pc
and went off to splash some water on my face
put my hair up on top of my head
when I come out of the bathroom
there is Gracie wagging her tail ..

OH so happy to see me
like I have been away from home for hours
she jumps up on me and does her happy to see you bark
she is the happiest dog I have ever had
only thing she don't like is rain on her face
I know she don't like it cause
she squints her eyes and takes no time at all outside doing her business
any other time she will run and play and take her sweet time lol
snow is another story

she loves to dig her face deep into the snow
and scoop it up ..eating it like its food lol
she loves to run and jump...
into the deeper snow that seems to drift right next to the house
anyway I make my way down the hall
into the living room where I find buddy still sleeping
I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture

the flash waking him up lol
he is a weird but funny dog
I honestly think he tolerates me
for the most part he only gets excited to see me
if Gracie does first
he is stingy with kisses
and rarely wants to lay by me
unless he don't feel well
like when he ate the defrosted pork chops
and got worms ewww
He is kinda gross in many ways
always eating or licking or rolling in nasty ass things
somethings wrong with him ..maybe its his gender lol
I open the door to let them out
pulling on my coat and boots as we walk out the door
the spring like weather we had last week
has been replaced with freezing rain
and the chilly winds of winter have returned
They take their sweet time
as I stand outside freezing my ass off in my pj pants
least my top half is warm
finally they are ready to come back in
and I feel a sinus headache start
I go to the medicine cabinet
to grab an excedrin ...the bottle is empty
I can't believe I put a empty bottle back lol
well yeah I can believe it
I decide I will run to the corner store
I am awake anyway
I drive to the store damn cold to walk it
go in and grab a new bottle of excedrin
thought about getting a pack of smokes
I am a smoker ...not a proud one though
I started smoking right before my divorce ..years ago
tried to quit on and off
but never was able to completely stop my habit
well today my habit ends!
smokes here went up in price $6.18 a pack
and the man at the store said..
April first will be another dollar increase
well that means I am officially a quitter today!
I have a half of a pack left from the day before
that will be it for me

so be warned ...
Lorri might be a bit of a crabby bitch for the days to come lol

I return home to find both dogs
sound asleep on my bed
must be nice to be able to fall back to sleep lol

I know I will get sleepy just when my running for the day begins lol
when did I become a morning person?
wait I refuse to be a morning person!
I miss staying up till 2 am
sleeping in till when
is it age..
is this my sign..
that I am getting older
one good thing about waking up so early
is I have the time and the peace to write
so maybe like I said before it's a good thing
anyway enough of my morning
I guess I should get my day started
wish I could just hang out here in the warmth of my bedroom
hang out in my PJ's all day
connect with my internet friends
maybe another day..

Have a great day friends!
catch ya all a bit laters!

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