Monday, March 2, 2009


Do you remember your first love?
Does first "true" love really last in our minds and hearts forever?

I remember my first true love ...
We met the summer I turned sixteen
We had no idea what life had in store for us
We only knew we loved each other
We could speak without a word between us
We could show our love without a touch
I remember the first time he wrote "I love you"
I remember running into my mothers bedroom
not being able to wake her fast enough ..
to show her the picture he gave to me ..
his senior picture
on the back the most wonderful words in my world

To the girl I love..

I was loved and it was exciting
He was everything in my world
We married very young
Full of hopes and dreams like every couple
We Danced our first dance to your the inspiration
He was my world
I was His
Until one day
eventually that world become something I didn't fit into
I don't know if it was just us growing up
I don't know if it was my illness
Maybe the way I was brought up
So many reasons
One day I was no longer his world
he was no longer my world
we found ourselves being content with our world meeting sometimes
Soon we lost even that
We both did things ..
said things
and it ended badly
I have learned in time that nothing ever ends well
I have had many years and tears
to think about my actions
to think about my truths
The truth is I still think of him nearly every day
I still only wish the best for him
I have kept a distant eye on his life
I am so proud of who he has become
Our lives have moved on..
But I wouldn't be who I am today
If I had never loved him.
For that I will always cherish my first true love
and never forget

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