Friday, April 10, 2009


He is a man of few words
but he shows his love
every day
in the simplest of ways
He is complicated
we are complicated
What started out as an affair
became something more
Something neither of us can label
He is my best friend
Through the years
staying friends was never easy
He can be his worst enemy
We met
when I had stopped believing in happy ever after
He was looking for his way out
Neither of us expected
what would come to be
through separations and tribulations in our life
we have remained friends
He is the only person in my life
that never closed me out
even when I deserved it
I pushed and Pushed
yet he stood next to me
I say we are complicated
because we are
So many times he has had to fight his demons
Those demons I am unable to love
But the man he really is
the one he is when his demons are at rest
is a caring
compassionate man who I love
He is my best friend
Our relationship is in a place
I never thought It would be
Knowing all we have been through for the last couple years
all the reasons we had to move on with our lives
We still fight to stay in each others lives
We are really total opposites
We don't agree on
what to see
what to listen too
what we enjoy doing
He is the outdoorsy type
I am an air condition kind of girl
He is high strung almost hyper
I am even tempered for the most part
I am spiritual, I have faith
he goes through life with only glimpses of what spiritual means
I read the signs in things
he believes I see them
But he doesn't always think we should listen to what they say
He likes to leave things where he takes them off
I like to have everything in it's place

We really have nothing much in common
but our souls connection

When life gets rough
we have each other in our lives.
and that's something most people search for
I have a feeling that no matter where our paths lead us
we will always be..
Tripping over each others stuff
Fighting about this and that
and being there for each other no matter what..


Missy said...

Wow! That is great! Very powerful!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Very nice, Lorri!