Monday, April 27, 2009

Fuzzy thought's

It's Monday
where did last week go?
it was a crazy busy week
with my dad being sick
and a visit from my niece
It was good to see her again
I was sad to see her go
but accept that she lives so far away
in so many ways she's all grown up now
and in so many ways she's still a young girl
got to see her old friends
it was a nice visit
Dads been weak
sleeping a lot
complaining his head feels fuzzy
which can be something other then his CHF
we didn't really know till today
when I woke up feeling fuzzy
my chest hurts
I feel weak
what ever he had ...
I now have
I can't be sick
I refuse to be sick
but I think I'm sick
my legs ache
my head is pounding
I am sick
called checked on mom and dad
mom feels the same way
dad is about the same
like there was not enough to deal with
now we all have a BUG!
So today I sit here
fuzzy in the head
updating my blog
I miss writing when I am away
few weeks ago I said life was finally calming down
then bam!
life gets to busy to sit down
share my thought's
maybe I should stop
saying life's calmed down
cause every time it seems I say it
something happens
do I jinx myself?

spring has come
I think it's here to stay now
and that's something wonderful
I was so ready for winter to be done
now watch ..I said that
it will snow ..

maybe I need to stop talking
I think in my fuzzy state
I should step away from the keyboard


happy Monday !!


Ashley @ The Happy Little Home said...

Oh no!! Feel better soon!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Yes, happy Monday and feel better soon!