Tuesday, April 21, 2009

an update

I'm tired
been a long weekend
been a long week already
and it's only Tuesday lol
it's been a rough couple days for my dad
we spent most of the night last night
in the ER
He was doing well at home
we saw the doctor Monday morning
things where going well
most the fluid was gone
It was a cold rainy day here
I hated taking him out in it
but we had to go
things where looking better
10 lbs of fluid gone
in 4 days
(wish I could lose 10 lbs in 4 days lol)
we got home
things where fine
dad laid down for a nap
I went home
a few hours later
mom calls
dad having hard time breathing
and he is shaking bad.
So I jumped back in the car
drove over
after checking him out
I decide to call an ambulance
to take him to the ER
just to have him checked over
My thought's first went to
that maybe all the lasix
he has taken the last couple days
maybe he got to much
I remembered reading something about
some side effects of lasix
its best to have it checked out
Now we didn't need an ambulance really
but something some people don't think about
is that if you are brought into a hospital by ambulance
you don't have to wait
you are seen right away
walk in's have to wait.
We don't wait anymore
years ago we drove him in
during a medical emergency
and we waited 3 hours in the ER
before he was finally seen
anyway last night I followed
the ambulance to the hospital
they ran some tests
hooked him up checked him out
gave him a chest xray
and another dose of lasix
and put in a catheter
while we waited for results
we watched tv
some beauty pageant
and waited
the shaking had stopped
he was breathing better
I teased him that half naked women
cured him lol
The doctor finally came in
around 2 am
said they wanted to keep him over night
run more tests
that yes he still has some fluid on him
a few more days of lasix
should help
dad says I can do that from home
the doctor says yes u probably can
but we will still like to keep you
I must agree with dad
he will rest better at home
I am 8 minutes away
I asked if he could go home on the cath
they looked at me strange lol
I said he could rest better if he didn't have to get up
every 15 to 20 minutes
I said I will take him to his own doctor within 2 days
to have it removed
I explain I am a CNA
and do know how to empty and clean the bag
that it's not a problem
the doctor tilts his head
and says okay
we can do that
As soon as I said that
I was on my own lol
well you get him dressed
and I'll send in a wheel chair
and he was gone
after I helped him dress
I opened the door
the wheel chair sat outside the door
I got him settled
and started wheeling him out
I passed the doctor
OH here let me help you
I tell him I need to go get my car
he says we will meet you out front
I pull around
here is my dad out in the cold rain
left alone sitting in the chair
in front of the hospital emergency front doors
he couldn't wait inside with him till I pulled up?
it took everything I had not to put my father in the car
and walk my ass back in and give him a piece of my mind
but it's late and dad needs to get home in bed
But that is not going to stop me from calling today
and voicing my issue with that doctor.
I know they are busy
but damn
fucking get a clue
you don't leave a sick man out in the cold rain.
We got home and I got him settled and in bed
I went home but didn't sleep well
up this morning at 7 am to go check on him
helped him get cleaned up and made him some breakfast
he took his meds as I walked around picking up this and that
and tossing it in the garbage
the man never tosses anything away lol

came home and now unwinding
should lay down and sleep
but my minds wide awake
maybe writing will help
so here I sit and type
I take a deep breath
it's going to be a long week


ModernMom said...

You are a good daughter. Hope your Dad feels better very very soon. It's so hard when one of our parents are ill.

Missy said...

Wow, you are having such a time! No wonder you are tired! I can relate to caring for a sick parent! I will pray that you will get some relief and that your dad will heal soon! Hugs!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Lorri, like all nurses and CNAs and everyone else who lends their caring hands to patients, you are an angel. God bless and prayers to your father.