Saturday, May 16, 2009

just some thoughts

I believe we all have the ability to connect to mind body and spirit.
As we experience life's ups it is easy to just to glide through life.
It's when life's downs flow through our lives that we begin to question and seek understanding.
For me it's important to not glide through any aspect of life.
We need to question and seek in good times and bad.
It's not always been easy for me to be my spiritual self
While I have been "sensing" things my whole life ..
I didn't accept that it was anything other then my imagination for many years..
I have always looked at things in my life and saw signs in a lot of circumstances.
For many years I ignored these things
told myself as I was told it was all in my head.
It was easy to dismiss things to ignore the signs in my life.
Looking back now I know it was easy to dismiss.
it's taken work, to embrace these things I feel
I have been called crazy
I have been told I am evil
I have been tested every step of they way on my spiritual path.
When I got to the point about 10 years ago that I could no longer worry about being accepted by others.
I needed to accept myself
accept what I feel with my soul.
I began to embrace my spiritual self
started reading every book on the market ..
taking what fit within me and leaving the rest.
I began reading and learning about all types of religions and spiritual beliefs.
I started seeking a greater understanding of Faith .
I wanted to have faith ..
and I didn't know how to obtain it.
Many times I found myself seeking answers in the wrong places.
Looking back I felt it was wrong right away but I dismissed what I felt and thought well I must be wrong.
These wrong ideals made me feel bad about myself
and soon I realized that anything that makes you feel bad about yourself can't be good for me or anyone else.
by any name wants us to explore and grow
does not want to beat us down
Spirit wants to lift us up to a greater sense of self
When I started to listen to my inner self and exploring things that made me feel good about myself and Spirit.
I found myself understanding faith is not something you can just obtain
it's always been there
I just had to accept it.
Just like I had to accept myself
this opened up my world
I started seeing my place in this world differently .
I started to see phases and cycles in my life and in those around me.
I started to see how I can make a real difference in the life of those around me.
I started to see that these people in my life where all placed here for a reason and to embrace the good and bad in all of them ..
Once I accepted myself and Faith I was able to accept others in their lives and beliefs.
I am not saying every relationship in my life is wonderful and a bed of roses lol But in faith I know that if Spirit has a plan for me.
Then I have to accept that there is a plan for all of us
Even when one don't believe
I believe that Spirit still works in their lives everyday

We are all on different levels of spirituality
Some deny any spiritual beliefs
some are just coming into their spiritual self
some are further advanced and live every day a spiritual life.
There are so many levels in between
and this is why acceptance is so important in our lives
once we accept ourselves and our inner knowing
once we accept in ourselves our flaws and all
we then can have the empathy to accept others.
Many times over the years I have been asked and have asked

why is life so hard?
I really didn't have a good answer for that question so I started meditating on that very question
it took weeks to get a response.
it came to me in bits and pieces over time
but I didn't stop asking
At first I was told in meditation
We are here as students
we are here to learn
Life's hard times teach us
Teach us empathy
teach us acceptance ..
I kept pushing I changed the question a bit and asked why do bad things happen to us?
I was told again to teach
Again I changed the question
why is life hard?
at this point I should have known the answers
but I was not ready to accept
This voice came to my mind ..
said if life was all wonderful and joyful
who would seek heaven ?
who would seek him?
who would seek to live a better life?
who would have empathy?
who would explore the inner depth of their souls for answers?

with that
the voice in my mind was gone and my question was now answered.

I finally got it ..and when someone now asks I share this with them ..
Now you would think with all my experiences and my sense of self .
that I would be accepted by others in my life.
You would think that my relationships are all healthy and on track ..
but they are not
and most likely never will
because we are all on these different levels
we don't always see eye to eye
many times I have been told I am to emotional
(they label my inner sense emotional )
that I cant be trusted to make decisions
because I lead in emotion

I don't believe going within seeking answers that resonate in me and saying what's in my heart and soul and living my life exploring my sense, in this way is wrong

I have to live this way
I tried the other way
it didn't work for me ..
and if you look really look within you
it's not working for you either.

Doing whats right "within" ..saying whats in ones heart and soul and living their life that way is not wrong ..
When they are at the point I am on my spiritual path
then they will see
know and feel too..
I try to surround myself with people who lift others up in spirit .
while we can't choose everyone in our lives
We can choose how much involvement we have in those in our lives who want to tear us down
My advice is to learn how to accept yourself ..and then and only then can you accept anyone else.
Once you find acceptance in yourself
you can have these types of relationships and not be effected by their draining effects.
As you grow within...
some relationships will have less and less effects on you
you may even notice these relationships become distant
some may even fade out of your life completely.
You will find yourself seeking other relationships with like minded people
I call it my Soul Family ..
because that's what they are
they may not be of my blood
but they are of my soul.

All Relationships we have all have purpose ..
you just have to figure out weather the purpose is positive or negative..
and only going within and seeking your own sense will tell you which is which.

Recently a friend said to me they don't feel mentally healthy enough to make even simple choices in their lives
they really inspired me to write this whole blog
I have been there and could be again if I didn't live my life this way.
Making choices in our lives
simple ones and ones that have long lasting effects
is really impossible unless one goes within ..

well not impossible you can make them
but the out come may not be what one wants for them selves in the long run.

We have been told many many times live for today!!!
and while I agree we should find joy in every day..

Going within seeking inner guidance for even the simple decisions in life will help you later when even those simple decisions you made have ever lasting effects on your life and those around you..Going within helps you see all aspects of your choices ..helps you see how your choices effect those you love. The more more one seeks answers within they are able to make even the hardest decisions in Faith. Soon it becomes easier and easier to know the answers within.

The trick is to trust in it ..

But in order to go within and trust in it have to go back to acceptance
acceptance in yourself
sometimes that means revisiting our past lessons
acceptance in something greater then you know and see...
while this does take time and effort ..
While you focus within it helps surrounding yourself with positive relationships
you can bounce any thoughts off those who hold a positive place in your life
These are healthy relationship's that will help you separate your fears from reality.
they also help us make knowledgeable choices when it comes to those life changing decisions.

But you have to always follow your own intuition.


Vegas Linda Lou said...

Wow! So many words of wisdom there. I love your idea of a "soul family."

You are such a beautiful person, Lorri. I wish I knew you in real life.

Lorri said...

awee I know we would be fast friends ..thank you for reading my thoughts