Saturday, June 13, 2009

I believe in signs....

Today was my 39 th birthday
while out enjoying my day with D

we where talking about signs in our lives
mostly in my life
he was not doing much talking lol

the subject came up when I was sharing
with him about my blogger friend Linda
recently a blog she wrote
about her Aunt Joyce and her sister Lori
and how I thought it was a sign
that her sister heard their aunts voice
so strong
one more time

we drove to the water having this convo
so we could sit and enjoy the peace that brings to me
something I do when ever I can
it was one of my birthday wishes
my eyes wide open for my sign
for today
and D laughing at me
laughing because
all day I was intent on finding it

we continued to talk about signs as we drove
right after I told him ..

you wait and I will point out today's sign to me!!
and he as usual
kinda laughed it off..
we pulled down a street
and as we came to the end of the street
this is what we see ...

I always find very special ones on my birthday
today's sign was awesome
for me this was one of the best!
and I had a camera to share it with you
and maybe just maybe D is now a believer too
ok maybe not
and maybe others will just dismiss it.

but I am a believer
and maybe it's a sign for someone else too

Happy Birthday to me!


The Old Bat Cadet said...

I believe... that you are a wonderful person. Happy Birthday, Lori.

Lorri said...

Thanks Old Bat Cadet!

ModernMom said...

Happy Birthday to you! Clearly that sign was meant for you:)

♥Trina♥ said...

Happy belated birthday!!!

I definitely believe in signs. We just have to be open to seeing them.