Sunday, June 14, 2009

thoughts about the sign

Last night
I couldn't wait to get home
download my pictures
from the day
on to my computer
specially the stop sign one
as I wrote
recalling everything that happen
up to the moment
I found the sign
Having this feeling
that this sign
has more meaning then I know yet
I do know that
Linda came up many times on my birthday
its funny cause we have never met
we only communicate through
our blogs
but on that drive
she came to mind
I shared things in her blog
things she says
the things that have cracked me up
things that made me wonder
things that have made me cry with her
I normally don't talk much
with D about things I read online
unless it touches me so much
that I just need to share it
and sharing with him always feels safe
even though he don't see things like I see them
if I explain how I see it
he then has a moment of seeing things I see
at first that was just a sign to him
that someone wrote some words on
but when you add it all up
the way I see it
everything leading to that moment
there was purpose for
I just don't have a complete understanding yet
but I feel I will

After I got finished writing the blog
posting it
tweaking it cause it was now after 1 am lol
I read it over ..and smile
I go searching friends blogs for new posts
and I go to Linda's first
and there I start reading
her latest post
she received an award
Her post
wrote June 13 on my birthday
as I read through
I am shocked to read my name
on her post
I had to stop and read it again
Maybe it was those two beers with dinner
but I couldn't believe my name
on her blog that day
How cool is that!
Let alone passing the award on to me
on to me ..
me ..
I wanted to start writing right then
but I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer
and the excitement of just having my name
on a writers blog
blew me away
what she said about my writing
made me cry
and I know it's just a blog award
not a gold metal or something
but it means the world to me
that my writing means something to someone
other then me
I am touched
and maybe a bit tipsy
I click off my computer
and drift off to sleep
was a wonderful birthday
I wake this morning
have new comments
from new readers
how exciting
and go back to Linda's blog
and I can't dismiss
the fact that her blog was posted
on my birthday
of all days
that day she was on my mind
that she was the subject again right before
I saw the sign
this women who I just know through our blogs
the sign don't stop believing
well maybe she wont agree
maybe she will think I am crazy!
but I really believe
there is a reason
I believe I was to share this
with her above everyone else
So I wanted to take time and write this
and say Thank You Linda for the Award
and I will be posting about it soon
But right now I am off to the beach
with D and our dogs
another one of birthday wishes!

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Vegas Linda Lou said...

Oh, Lorri, how beautiful! And so amazing that we're so in tune to each other. Happy Birthday to you, dear blogging buddy! May the year ahead be filled with everything wonderful.