Friday, August 14, 2009

tears and laughter

where do I start
tears ...
my soul cries
for the person
you are
can be
not the little girl
you used to be
I know she is gone
my heart
aches to help the young women
you are
the soul
at battle within ..
I will be here
without judgement
just love
just with the purest of hope's
just with the purest of intentions.

somewhere along the journey
of you and me
you got the idea
that the only way
I could be happy with us
is if you lived here
but the truth in my heart
is I want you to be happy
I want you to feel balanced
I want you too be whole
I want you to dance in the spirit of yourself
I want you to be proud of you
I want you too love yourself
I want you to explore
what life has to offer you
I want you to have faith
faith in yourself
I want you to not have fear
fear that holds you back from being
all you can be in this life ..
I want your laughter
to out weigh your tears
I want you to have faith
faith in yourself
these things would make me happy
when it comes to you and me
where you live,
what you choose
the way you live you life
is all up to you
it always has been
even as a little girl
was always yours
regardless of the circumstances
my heart
my door
my life
has always been open to you
and it always will be
I love you
and I always will

1 comment:

Lisa Gioia-Acres said...

I have one daughter that has utterly tested the limits of my love and tolerance. When I am told by others that I must "cut her loose", intellectually I know they are right. My heart, however, cannot be witness to her pain and suffering, all as a result of her hard-headed determination to do it her way.

I have forced myself to let go on the outside, but on the inside I shake with fear.

Like you, my door is always open