Friday, September 25, 2009


The tree's here are starting to change color
the days sunny and warm
but there's a chill in the air
that chilly wind that suddenly appears from no where
nights are cold and damp
added an extra blanket to the bed
even had to turn on the heat last night
Mornings are a cold start
but by this afternoon the sun will be shinning
getting back into my fall and winter routines
which by winter will mean
a lot more online time for me lol
before long the first snow will come
while I dread the winter
to watch the snow falling on
a cold winters day is breath taking
specially when I am all cozy warm inside my house
on my laptop lol
But seriously
when I think about up coming seasons
I often wonder besides weather changes
what changes will come to my life
but I only let myself think about ..shortly
it becomes to much to think about
to overwhelming to me anyway
I learned taking care of my grandparents
to just take life one day at a time
because you can plan every little thing
every minute of everyday
but life will happen
and living in life's time line
means depending on your faith
which I do
I don't know what tomorrow might bring
but I know what ever it is
I will find a way through it all
that's what you do
so for today I will focus
on the last days of summer
and enjoy the first days of fall
and take a deep breath
and be thankful
for it all

1 comment:

Vegas Linda Lou said...

You're so right--just take it one day at a time and be thankful for it all!