Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 my thoughts

so you thought
this new year
would bring on all these
your holidays are over
you probably feel
a bit let down
that it's now over
and you now face a budget
that is crunched
welcome to 2010
Maybe you let yourself
believe ..
maybe hope is a better word
that 2010 would bring on everything positive
well for the most of us
2010 has already started to challenge our "hope"
those big hopes we had
seem to be diminishing
and it's only the 3rd day in to 2010 lol
We need to remind ourselves
that when we find ourselves in darkness
always comes a light to show us the way
we have to make choices
we have to take chances
and we have to have faith in each other
even when having faith in that person
shakes your since of security
or your since of normalcy
sometimes you have to give up a bit of comfort
a bit of your thought of what's right
and let that person and You know who it is
let that person lead
have faith in that person
You have to give up a little control
share with that person
and give the rest to God
you have to Pray
you have to stay in the positive
you have to have hope
hope in that this change within you will let
someone else grow too
you have wanted to direct things
take control
but you can't control this time
this phase
this New Year
You will need to lean on each other
You will need to find middle ground
and be tolerant of another's lead
it's scary
and your not sure you know how to let go ..
even a little bit
but You know you need too
You know that growth is needed
within both of you
so now the time
the challenges you will face
will be scary at times
you will feel hopeless
but you will lean on each other
find hope in the others growth
you may even find the friend you thought was gone
or one that you never really had before
are you ready ?
ready to hand over some of your control?
time to get ready
it will make the first phase of 2010 a whole lot better if you do..

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Ashley @ The Happy Little Home said...

Great post, I needed to hear that :)