Friday, January 15, 2010

Tonights Gathering

a small group of strangers gathered tonight
with candles and prayers and heavy hearts
each knowing that prayer at this point
is all we can really do
Yes we can all give to a charity
and we should ..if we can
But that does not seem like enough
So we gathered together
there is something special
about praying with others
the energy that is shared
it fills your spirit with hope
hope that our prayers will help
hope that our prayers give hope
to those in need
to those who have been lost ..

I know when things happen,in my life
knowing people are praying for me
always gives me hope
gives me strength
to carry on ..face what ever it is I need to face

As we spoke tonight
getting to know each others
prayers for the people of Haiti
it didn't feel like we where among strangers
the energy in the group was in harmony
all compassionate souls ..

In different places in life
different beliefs
but none of that mattered
it was the joining together
with hopeful and caring hearts
that mattered
when we parted ways
I hope each felt as I did
that strangers have now become friends in our Lord

God Bless those in need of God's Blessings tonight
everywhere ..

1 comment:

Vegas Linda Lou said...

It's sad that it takes a tragedy to bring people together like that.

Your writing continues to be beautiful and so heartfelt--just like you. XOXO