Wednesday, March 24, 2010

message for a friend

the path that lead to this place in your life has never been easy
facing what's before you ..
facing what's behind you ..
sometimes we can get lost in the emotions of it all
you need to take time
that seems like a simple answer
something people say
when they don't know how to bring you comfort
but it's not simple
it's not just something to say when one is hurting
it's the truth
in time you will be able to stand back
to see everything that's happen with different eyes
Raw emotions will heal
cherished memories will come forth to bring you comfort
it won't be the words shared to you by another that help that healing take place
they are simply reminders from above that in time you will heal
you will move forward
right now it may not seem so
but have no doubts that life will still happen
even though right now it seems like life is happening all around you
you can't find the path that seemed so important before this happen
accept and know that this path is where you are suppose to be
that change good or bad ..happy or never easily accepted
we want to go back
back to the way things where
but sometimes we have no choice ..we can't go back
I know that place and I know you are at that place now
and yes life will never be quite the same from this day forward
but know you gave your heart gave your time gave love
you received love received time are loved
and that love will find a way to help you heal
it only takes time ..

Friday, March 5, 2010

just a thought

You don't have to be perfect to inspire someone's sharing the imperfections of who we are that truly inspire.