Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dear Friend

I can't imagine the emotions
that have flowed over your soul
in recent days
so many emotions
all of which are perfectly normal to feel
it will take a long time for these wounds to start to heal
there are going to be times
when you need to go within
need to work things through in your own soul
there are going to times of question
and times of complete anger
times where your soul cries out
there are going to be times of guilt
guilt over being alive ..laughing and loving
but all these things are the normal healing process
there is no right or wrong way to grieve
You may not want to talk about feelings right now
but someday you will
some days you may feel the pain is to much to bare
and you will fight and try to stay strong
and for those counting on you now ...
to be the "strong one "
remember that there are people you can be weak with
people that will help balance that weight on your shoulders
right now you want to push away
just don't push to far ..
they need to be there for you
as much as you need them to be there...