Monday, April 12, 2010

talking to you tonight

It's the quiet times at night
when I talk to you the most
usually asking you for forgiveness
usually asking you to hear my prayers
talking to you..because I know you hear me
it is as if your sitting there next to me
intently listening to everything I say
never speaking a word
but I know you understand
I know your here
I know your love for me...
is the most real thing to ever happen to me
You understand me
you give me peace of mind
when I fall to pieces
You give me strength
when I am weak
You give me hope
when I am hopeless

But tonight ..
I don't come to you
in need of all those things

I come to you tonight ..
filled with hope
feeling right in the world
and even if this only lasts tonight
I wanted to thank you
for filling me up with such hope
for showing me my own strength
for bringing me into the lives of people
whom leave a ever lasting impression on my soul

tonight as we talk
you are not sitting next to me
I am kneeling at your feet
giving you praise for all my blessings
thank you for this Life

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