Friday, May 7, 2010


Thank you Mom..
for always believing in me
for always understanding my intentions
for always loving me
even when I made it hard at times ..

Now I understand.. as an adult
that Mom you are just like everyone else
you have made mistakes in your life
you have made good and bad choices
I am so thankful for that ..
it taught You ...
great compassion ..

With every ..
good or bad choice I have made
you never tried to stop me
you let me make my own choices
and when things didn't go as I planed
you where always there to listen to me cry
you where always there with words of compassion
you where always there to make me feel better
never passing judgments
just there for me ..
and while we don't say it all the time
I have always known you loved me
I have always know that we have a special connection
not just of mother and daughter
but an energy between us that speaks with no words
you are truly my very best girl friend
I can share anything and everything with you ..

I am truly blessed to have the impressions on my soul ..
that You and Nana have made
I could not have asked for better spiritual teachers
I could not have asked for better mother's

You both taught me about the simple things in life
no not ever "typical" mom and grandma
because you are not typical people
the depths of your hearts and soul's
well is ....
simply amazing
So this Mother's day
I wanted to share with you much I Love you
Thank you for all you have given to my soul
I will always keep a piece of You and Nana with me
everywhere I go..

I Love you
Happy Mother's day


Missy said...

WoW! This is great!

gama said...

thanks for share...