Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dear Dad

Out of all the relationships I have had in my life
I have to say I have learned the most from ours
We have not always seen eye to eye ..
on so many things ..
specially when I was younger
but Dad I wouldn't change a thing.
While you have watched me grow and change into the person I am today
I have also seen you evolve and change into the Dad you are today
We have come so far ..
I don't need a special day for you to know how much I love you
I show you every day what you mean to me
I am blessed really to have this time with you
and while sometimes a joke about you and your ways to my friends
I love every second of your Crazy but Funny ways
You make me laugh Dad
and sometimes you make my mad as hell ..
But no matter how you make me feel any given day
I always know you love me just as I am
I have watched myself grow up in your eyes
I have seen the way you look at me change
I have noticed that you no longer feel you need to guide me in every aspect of my life
Yeah you still toss in your guidance here and there ..
But I can tell by "us" that you respect and love me
you Know I do the right thing ..for the right reasons
and that is something I have not always done
But I grew up and for me to see that in your eyes ..
I know it's true
We have had our disagreements Dad
and we probably always will to some point
but the friendship I have with you ..
makes anything difficult we have been through as father and daughter worth it.
I love being as close to you and Mom as I am
I am so lucky blessed
and while sometimes I have to laugh at the crazy that is us
I would be lost without it
we have come so far
I could have never imagined being as close to you as I am
Your my hero biggest fan
and I love you ..even your crazy ;)

Happy Daddy Day !!