Monday, September 13, 2010

good old days 2010 my thoughts

To the outside world
it's just a small town fair
but to those whom don't have a summer memory, without it
it means so much more then you can imagine
every sight and smell brings back memories
as you walk through the fair ..
your eyes glance from side to side
the flashing lights
the sounds of the rides
the sounds of the people
the smell's of the midway
and suddenly you are taken back to a time and place
for you this fair... is just a fair
for us this is a right of passage

Returning every year
it's as if you as you walk down that midway
you get to see glimpses of your self along the way
every sight and sound brings back memories
every event, while exciting for everyone..
For us ..
it is a part of who we are ..
Where we came from .
Remembering as young children and our parents taking us to the fair
Then the first time your parents trusted you enough to go explore it on your own
When as teenager's you walked down the midway holding the hand of the person you love
memories of that young love ...still linger there.
Like pieces of your heart and soul belongs to this place
or maybe we owe them to this place ..

I remember being little and sitting on my Dads shoulders, to see over the crowd
I remember him laughing and engaging me in the sights and sounds
always making sure I had so much fun ..
Today I helped my 75 year old father walk to his seat
spent the day making sure he had a good time..
engaging him in the sights and sounds of today
While I was watching his reactions to the people and parade ..
I know I am so blessed
This place makes memories..
ones that we will forever cherish
memories with Mom and Dad ..
memories with friends and fun as teenagers
and memories of that special person, who back then, you went to the fair ..just to see.
memories you made with your children ..their first rides ..their first parade
making it a right of passage in their lives
in our own families
memories with the person you have beside you now
it's every experience over a life time of going to the fair
when you look around , you see all these kids and teenagers, parents
are making those same memories now..
Running into old friends ..
connecting even just for a moment something wonderful
nothing will ever change here... at the fair
makes me wonder how my dad saw things today
he has been bringing his children here for over 40 years
Now his daughter brings him here ..
I know it must be the same for him ..
pieces for himself will always be there the fair
cherished memories
so see it's more then.. just a fair
it's a time to reflect and a time to cherish our past and present and those we love
it's our right of passage's a part of who we become's something we can pass on
and that is where, if you look at it ..really look closely at the experience
You will see the true magic of our little fair..