Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the bitter sweet journey of one special purple bear

When my grandma got sick ..
One day me and gramps stopped and got her flowers ..
I saw this purple bear with a rose on its chest.
She loved roses and bears ..
she had tons !
So gramps picked out flowers
and I picked up the bear and we gave them to her..
She adored her bear ..everywhere she was ..there was the bear
in her bed ..on the couch ..she wanted it around her all the time.
When she got very sick and we called in hospice to help ease her pain
This special purple bear sat on her lap every moment of every day till she passed away.
after I got her cremated remains back I put the bear on the top of the urn and there it has stayed for me to see and remember ..
I took it up to gramps a few days ago .
for him to hold or just have it around him ..
The first night he picked it up and tossed it off his lap ..
I had to chuckle.
But the next night when I went for my midnight visit ..
he had it in his hands yes I took a picture ..maybe it's weird but It touched my heart and I want to always remember.
It is one special purple bear that I will always cherish.


Missy said...

This is just the sweetest story!

Lorri said...

thank you