Thursday, November 18, 2010

my Angels along the way

I call them angels

but they are just like you and me

they have had lives filled with trials and tribulations

but it's like they are heavenly sent

they come into my life

into my experience

and share them selves

their experiences

their lives

with me in my darkest moments

when I am seeking comfort

when I am questioning myself

they appear and share of themselves

share their thoughts

their experiences

their loss

their beliefs

and while they might even not know it

I know these encounters

are more then just a coincidence

God placed them in that time and place

to help guide me

to help bring me comfort

to help give me strength

just by the most simplest act

of sharing of themselves

and while they may not even know it

I know that in that moment

God worked through them

he had them open their hearts and show me their pain

show me their truths

show me the inspiration in who they are

their lives

their love

their loss

their reason for being

I am struck by knowing everything comes full circle

not just in my life

but in complete strangers lives and friends lives

their words have brought me comfort all along the way

I see these encounters

and know they are no accident

and as we part ways I know

that not only did they touch my life

but maybe ..just maybe

I touched them back

maybe they needed to be reminded me

what a remarkable person they really are.

And that's why God picked them

to be an angel to me..

so I could return the favor.

listen to their stories

relish in the inspiration of who they are

what they been through

I am so very blessed

Thank you for being my angel along the way


Missy said...

This is beautiful!
I love the way God sends the most perfect person in the most needed time!

Lorri said...