Saturday, November 20, 2010

my book of life

I may be closing one chapter in the book of my life

but my book is far from over

I am taking the love that grew

the strength I gained

along with the knowledge I have inquired

and starting a new page

but before I close out this chapter

I wanted to say

Thank you

thank you for letting me love you

thank you for loving me

thank you for helping me grow

thank you for letting me help you grow

thank you for good times and the laughter and love

thank you for the bad times and the tears and struggles

I knew from day one..

our journey would change me forever

I never had any doubt that this journey was one God intended for me

to teach me

about so many things

but mostly about faith

I am so blessed to always have you both

as a chapter in the book of my life

I know that in future chapters

the lessons and love

will return

to be revisited time and time again

that's how much of an impact

our journey has had on my life

I close this chapter proud

proud of myself

proud of all the things it taught me

and as I start a fresh new page in my book

the possibilities are endless

God has more big plans for me

and with each new stroke of my pen

I will continue to make a difference in peoples lives

my days of giving it my all ..are far from over

because of what I learned in our journey

I know my heart has no boundaries

I can open it far and wide

I can be hurt

yet still show love and compassion and forgiveness

I can be misunderstood

but that will not stop my heart from loving

that will not stop me from being there always for the people I love

I am strong

I am compassionate

I am God's Child

and I will continue to follow his lead in my life

I will take risks with my heart

because those risks make life worth wild

I will continue to share my chapters

in hopes that they might touch another

I will continue to be me

and everything that entails

because You love me just as I am

and through this journey you set before me

I learned to love me ..just as I am

Thank you God for leading me down this path

I will continue this next chapter

hearing your call

listening to that inner voice

without doubt or hesitation

so take my pen..take me and lead on!


Missy said...

Again, beautifully written!

Lorri said...

thank you Missy!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Very nice!

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy new year!

Happy blogoversary!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your blog with me!
I love it; it is awesome, it is U!
I will look forword to coming back here to read more, Lorri; it is a joy getting to know you! Susie