Thursday, February 24, 2011

It was just meant to be ...

Sometimes things just work out as they should even when we don't see it that way at first..

Mom lost her Silver "bear totem" bracelet..

she was heart broken..

I went to every place we had gone to try to find it ..

and nothing ..

you have to understand my Mother and this bracelet ..

she will not leave the house without it ..

she has many pieces of Native American Jewelry

most of them have a "bear" on them ..

it's her totem ..the bear

a little about the bear totem

Deep in slumber, dreams unending,
Wise old bear, patient, strong,
Send me dreams of transformation.
Grant me intuition along
With introspection of my life,
Inner listening, no more strife.
Caution, Healing, Leadership
The power of the Bear totem
is the power of introspection.
The answers to all our questions
lie within us.
Each of us has the capacity to quiet the mind,
enter the silence and know.
Just as the bear hibernates during the winter,
people with a Bear totem will be quieter
during the winter months. But they
must awaken in the spring and seek
whatever opportunities are around them.
When you have a Bear totem,
you are being guided to a leadership role.
You must be fearless in defending your beliefs.
The Bear also encourages you to exercise
your abilities as a natural healer.
Bears are associated with trees which are natural antennas, linking the heavens and the Earth.
Bear also has links to the seven color rays of the Universal Light
as well as Lunar ties, linking the subconscious and the unconscious mind.

she will not leave her house without wearing a "bear"

it gives her piece of mind.

it keeps her safe in her mind

So losing the bear bracelet was heart breaking

So I got online when I got home ...and searched the designer

after looking for a while I found one on ebay

which was quite expensive ..

then I stumbled onto another at a vintage shop

I called her and we bought it ..should be arriving today or tomorrow

but while browsing this person's online shop I found another piece

that I knew my mother had wanted all her life

A Vintage Native American Sterling Silver And Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace

She had looked at these so many times at the flea market

Also at a Native American Indian Pow Wows show

always to miss out on that one special piece she wanted

or not to be able to afford the asking price

So when I saw this piece, I just had to show her ..

I snapped a picture with my camera and showed it to her

It really is the piece of her dreams

the one she had always wanted

at a price she could afford

so today we ordered it ..we can't wait to see it on her,when it arrives

The thought behind this story is this ..

while she was heart broken to lose her cherished bear cuff bracelet

if she had not lost it ..we would not have found a replacement

we would have not been lead to find her Dream Piece a..

Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace.

To us ...this was meant to me this way ..

and to whom ever found that bear totem bracelet

we hope that it does it's purpose for you too

Keeps you safe ..we think that was meant to be too.

So cherish it ..just as my Mom did.

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