Thursday, August 11, 2011

these prayers ..are not just for me..these dreams not just mine

I rarely pray for myself and my needs
but I do find myself praying hard right now for not just my wants
but the wants of my husband
and the needs of my parents
it is coming to a point where they can't manage on their own much longer
Life has also come to a point where the need to stay where we are is no longer there
we moved here and settled for where we live for a few reason
but most of all the place was just a few doors away from my grandparents
Now that they are gone ..the point of staying here is now gone
but I must stay close
for my parents
We found a place on a private lake
our dream has always been to live on the water
but in the back of my mind is always my parents
so when I looked at the house
I thought would this set up work if they or one of them come lived with us
to my dreams it was
has two living rooms ..bedrooms spaced apart
2 full bathrooms
a giant kitchen
and 2 dining area's
it would be perfect for not just us
but when that point came to be
that one or both my parents needed me
while my parents have a house and it was their dream
that same dream is not ours
to my surprise after showing my parents the place
they both said they would be willing to live there with much excitement
so we have started the process to get the place
all my hopes and dreams of where I live are there
wildlife , the lake ,the view of that lake in almost every room
it would be so peaceful and wonderful
surrounded by woods and the beauty of nature
the place being big enough for all of us to live comfortable
I am praying so hard everyday that we can make this happen
I am so scared to want it so badly and be let down
so scared that i will be forced to later move into my parents house
which neither me or my husband want
I would be heart broken to see it sold someday
but I think that's normal to be sad when your childhood home is no longer your home
this new place would give us all a new start
give us peace and happiness
I can imagine my mom or dad or both sitting out on the deck over looking the water
and feeling the peace of this place
I want that for myself too
I find myself thinking maybe I don't deserve such a wonderful place
but I know they deserve such a wonderful place to finish out the rest of their lives with me
and while moving one or both of them will be a challenge to sell everything off ..that is what I want for them
take the money made off all their stuff and just live life ..just be happy and not worry about money I want them come there live with us be watched over
maybe they would have enough to to do that
So I pray god hears my prayers ..that I am deserving of this dream
that we can make this happen for all of us
please God ...hear our prayers and help make them our reality