Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dear friend

You have taken a path in which I have walked
many many years ago
I can tell you from my experience
it's not the path to freedom
while maybe this way ..has given you the strength
the courage to do what you have done
right now I am sure you feel free
but freedom comes with a price
right now you don't see the price you will pay
but I know very well ...
there is a price
Hurting someone you loved
someone who loved you
takes a toll
not always right away
but that freedom has a price
I of all people wish you to be happy
to be loved
to feel complete in life
but only you can make you ..happy
only you can feel complete within yourself
you can't experience true love
until you love yourself
no other person can provide you with these things
right now you may believe you been given all these things
right now you will excuse anything you do and say away
because you truly believe you have found what you have been seeking
and maybe you have found someone who is truly wonderful
but remember there is a price to pay
your price will be in the knowing
that you have hurt someone u once loved
who loved you
it may not seem like a big price right now
but I know it's not a price I want you to pay
so as you move forward
do so with compassion
do so with truth
do so with the understanding that your happiness
has shaken another's world
shaken another's faith
hurt another's heart
this pain you can never take back
this pain you will never feel forgiven for
if you do not handle this right
so stop
and think
think about the future you
and who you want to be
think about the love u once had
think about your soul
think about this other soul
be honest
be open
be compassionate
don't have regrets
that is the price u will pay for your freedom
if you don't handle this right
there is no time in life it's okay to be selfish
there is no time in life that you can just get over hurting someone you love
so as you walk dawn this new path
you have chosen for yourself ..
think about not just the here and now
think about your future you
do this the right way now
so you don't hold on to regret
I can tell you from experience
while you may never receive forgiveness from the other
it will take years and years to forgive yourself
so do everything in your power now do things right

with Love and Understanding ..more then you could possibly know

Saturday, November 26, 2011

an evening at blessed I am

I can't believe I get to live here in this beautiful place ..everyday I thank God for this place ..the peace this place brings me... I am so Blessed

This place has changed me ...changed the way I see my world ..changed the way I treat the people in my life and I share this place with each and every one of them. I still don't believe I deserve a place like this to call ..HOME ..but I sure do thank God for it every single day.